"If there was any justice in the music selling world this would have gone gold by now. There isn’t, so be grateful you have stumbled on a hidden classic. I’ve just found out it is going to be on vinyl. Only 200 copies, so be quick”- Matt Densham / Greta Cottage Workshop.
“Remember when you used to put a record on and leave it on? No, me neither. But this just reminded me. Wonderful stuff - John McCready

Limited edition CD and Vinyl available at www.stevecobby.co.uk

Album and limited edition CD available here:

Shipping tomorrow #saudade #déclassé #ltdedition #cd


1. Passerines
2. Heeds
3. Settling Days
4. Rapelle
5. Melismatic
6. Clawfist
7. The Golden Billion
8. Why Sleep Through Your Dreams?
9. Weekend World
10. Green Limbs
11. By Night The Forest Is Never Quiet
12. The End Of A Perfect Death

portrait by Douglas McDougall


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Taken from the album Saudade