Another work from 1993 that wasn’t collected on ‘How About Some Ether’

Mending my old DAT machine was a good move. This recently re-discovered offering missed the cut for ‘How About Some Ether’ in ‘96.

Anders in Denmark is me


stick it in the middle - jj fuchs
heeds - cobby
bloodstream inst - n.e.s.s.
spansules - jstars
slightly elevated - beef wellington (fila brazillia remix)
ne plus ultra - white dopes on funk
cusmos/ garoto - steve cobby remix
acr / samba 123 - fila brazillia remix
bullshit - fila brazillia
the egg / bend - fila brazillia remix
lamb/cotton wool- fila brazillia remix


Limited edition vinyl at

Listen/purchase: Saudade by Steve Cobby